Fees are charged in pounds sterling on the basis of a standard page in English - A4, in 12 point Courier, 70 characters to a line, 30 lines to a page.

Experience shows that this is equivalent to 240 Norwegian words (270 English words, because English generally uses more words than Norwegian).

The present charge for a single page is GBP 52.00.

In cases where an hourly rate is more appropriate (revising texts already in English, for instance), the charge is GBP 52 per hour.

Invoices are submitted on completion of the written work, and fall due 30 days from the invoice date. All bank charges associated with payment must be met by the client.

The standard fee includes all text revision to take account of client comments as well as all proof reading, even if this occurs after the invoice has been sent.

Minor changes are usually incorporated without additional charge, but an extra fee may be invoiced if major revisions are made.